The Economic Impact and Application Challenges of IoT Technology in Smart Home and Infrastructure


  • Changquan Huang
  • Qingle Chen
  • Zizhuo Lin
  • Wangpeng Su
  • Zhiqi Zhang
  • Suping Liu



Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Homes, Smart Infrastructure, Technological Evolution, Economic Impact


This paper takes an in-depth look at the Internet of Things (IoT) and its transformative impact on smart homes and infrastructure. It delves into the evolution of IoT technology, its economic impact, the challenges it poses, and strategies to overcome them, supported by real-world case studies. The paper begins with an overview of the historical development of the IoT, tracing its roots from basic automation to complex connected systems in homes and cities. The paper highlights how the IoT is evolving, integrating into our daily lives and reshaping the way we interact with our living and working environments. The report takes a broad look at the economic impact of the IoT, revealing how it is revolutionizing market dynamics by increasing efficiency, reducing costs and creating new business opportunities. The analyses include data-driven insights into smart home energy efficiency and smart city infrastructure operational efficiency. In addition, the report discusses the impact that the proliferation of IoT will have on the job market and skills requirements. Addressing the challenges faced by IoT, the paper identifies key areas, including technical barriers such as interoperability and security, social issues such as privacy and digital divide, and environmental issues such as e-waste and sustainability. The paper proposes comprehensive strategies and solutions involving policy reforms, technological advances, and co-operation between the public and private sectors. The paper presents practical examples of IoT applications through a series of case studies that illustrate successes and challenges in different regions and sectors. These case studies provide valuable insights into the real-world applications and outcomes of IoT technologies. Finally, the paper summarises the discussion on IoT, highlighting its potential to significantly improve the quality of life and the efficiency of urban systems. It emphasises the need for a balanced approach to address the complexities and responsibilities associated with IoT advances to ensure a sustainable and equitable technological future.


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Huang, C., Chen, Q., Lin, Z., Su, W., Zhang, Z., & Liu, S. (2024). The Economic Impact and Application Challenges of IoT Technology in Smart Home and Infrastructure . Journal of Innovation and Development, 6(1), 35-39.