Investigation and Analysis on the Effect of Digital Teaching Means in Western Universities

-- Take the Virtual Simulation Experiment Project of Universities in Yunnan as an Example


  • Yanping Shi



Western Universities, Digital Teaching, Virtual Simulation Experiment, Logit Model


With the continuous development of modern information technology, promoting the digitalization of education has become a strategic action. In this paper, the Logit model of virtual simulation experiment project satisfaction is constructed, and the empirical analysis is carried out based on the survey data of virtual simulation experiment project in Yunnan universities. The results show that: the project characteristics and experimental content of virtual simulation experiment have a positive effect on student satisfaction; The overall satisfaction of students with the development of virtual simulation experiment project is low; The development of digital teaching means in western universities is still hindered and its use effect still needs to be improved. Based on this, this paper puts forward relevant suggestions from various aspects, in order to strengthen the construction of virtual simulation experiment projects in western China, so as to further improve the use effect of digital teaching means in western colleges and universities.


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