Subtitle Analysis of A Swing Maker under Multimodal Discourse Analysis


  • Ziqi Wang



Multimodal Discourse Analysis, A Swing Maker, Subtitle Translation


Nowadays, movies have gradually become one of the main ways of global cultural communication, and movie subtitle translation has also become an important factor for foreign audiences to better understand the content of the movie, therefore, the study of movie subtitle translation is urgent. With the increasingly deepening of China’s foreign exchanges, Chinese movies, as a carrier of Chinese culture, have gradually come into the international field of vision as an important way of spreading Chinese culture and promoting cultural exchanges. Therefore, the study of movie subtitle translation has become one of the main ways to better tell Chinese stories. Different from traditional translation, movie subtitle translation needs to take more factors into consideration, including movie images, speaker’s character traits, and the influence of movie layout, etc. Therefore, this paper uses multimodal discourse analysis to analyze the subtitles of A Swing Maker in order to analyze the influence of movie images, movie plots, and character traits on subtitle translation. A Swing Maker mainly tells the story of Chinese oilmen, through the subtitle translation analysis of the movie, it is more conducive to the dissemination of the spirit of Chinese oil story to other countries, telling the story of Chinese oil well, and contributing to the dissemination of the story of Chinese oil.


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