Intelligent Water Quality Testing Device based on Internet of Things Technology


  • Yanli Hua
  • Qiao Cheng



Water Quality Detection Technology, Sensor Interface Automatic Recognition, Increase Service Life, Intelligent Management


Water quality testing is an important environmental testing standard. However, at present, Internet of Things water quality testing products generally have problems such as single function, complex interface, and short sensor life. The design of this paper is a device with intelligent water quality detection technology, including the independent design of the sensor interface standard, the sensor automatic recognition, plug and play; The sensor is equipped with a lifting mechanical structure to avoid long-term soaking of the sensor and increase the service life of the sensor by 35%. At the same time, combined with intelligent Internet of Things, big data analysis and other technologies, help relevant departments to grasp water quality information in a timely and accurate manner, early warning and forecasting of major regional water pollution accidents, supervision of pollutant discharge, and implementation of control systems to provide help. It is mainly used to monitor the water quality data of small and medium-sized reservoirs, rivers and lakes to achieve intelligent management within the jurisdiction.


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