Professional Development of Physical Education Teachers in Luoyang Normal University


  • Yabo Miao
  • Marcelino M. Agnawa Jr



Professional development, Physical education, Quality of education


This qualitative study investigates the strategies utilized in the professional development of Physical Education teachers at Luoyang Normal University. Through interviews as the primary data collection method, the research identifies and examines ten key strategies implemented by the university. These strategies encompass workshops, mentorship programs, continuing education courses, action research projects, professional learning communities, technology integration, conference participation, peer observation and feedback, guest lectures, and dedicated professional development sessions. Each strategy contributes to fostering a culture of continuous learning, collaboration, and innovation among PE educators. This study underscores Luoyang Normal University's dynamic approach to promoting ongoing development among its PE educators. The identified strategies collectively demonstrate the university's commitment to creating an environment conducive to continuous growth and excellence in Physical Education. These findings provide insights for institutions seeking to enhance professional development opportunities for PE teachers, ultimately contributing to the advancement of the field and improving educational outcomes.


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