Analysis on the Selection, Implementation and Risk Prevention and Control of Sino-Foreign Cooperative Majors in Higher Vocational Colleges


  • Lili Guo



Sino-foreign Cooperation, Major Selection, Implementation, Risk Prevention and Control


This thesis thoroughly discusses a series of important issues regarding the selection, implementation, and risk prevention and control of Sino-foreign cooperative majors. During the research, we conducted a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the advantages and characteristics of Sino-foreign cooperative majors. Based on this, we put forward a series of scientific methods and effective ways to rationally select Sino-foreign cooperative majors. At the same time, we also elaborated on many key issues that need special attention in the implementation process of Sino-foreign cooperative majors to ensure the smooth progress of the whole process. In addition, we conducted extensive and in-depth research on various possible risks, deeply explored the causes and potential impacts of these risks, and put forward corresponding risk prevention and control strategies specifically, aiming to provide a solid theoretical basis and practical guidance for ensuring the smooth progress and sustainable development of Sino-foreign cooperation.


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Guo , L. (2024). Analysis on the Selection, Implementation and Risk Prevention and Control of Sino-Foreign Cooperative Majors in Higher Vocational Colleges. Academic Journal of Management and Social Sciences, 7(3), 1-3.