Application Evaluation and Analysis of PDCA Cycle Quality Management in RICU Instrument and Equipment Management


  • Qinfeng Liu
  • Miao Tan



PDCA Cycle, RICU, Operation Quality and Efficiency, Medical Equipment Management


Objective To explore the application value of PDCA cycle quality management in RICU instrument and equipment management. Methods In order to improve the operation quality and efficiency of department management, The PDCA cycle quality management method had been used in the management of RICU instruments and equipment. The effects of PDCA cycle quality management before and after the implementation were compared, and the satisfaction survey was conducted. Results After the implementation of PDCA cycle quality management, the rate of Instruments and equipment with complete accessories was improved (P<0.05), and the rate of equipment with stained surface was significantly reduced (P<0.01). In the analysis of satisfaction survey results, after the implementation of PDCA cycle quality management, the satisfaction of medical staff on instruments and equipment and the satisfaction of patients on inpatient services were significantly improved (P<0.01). Conclusion PDCA cycle quality management method can improve the management efficiency of RICU instrument and equipment, and has high application value in medical equipment management.


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