A Review of the Current Status of Research on Chitosan-Modified Polymer


  • Yifeng Hu




Chitosan, Polymer, Bioavailability, Modification.


As the only naturally occurring alkaline polymeric polysaccharide, chitosan has good biological properties such as good biocompatibility, biodegradability, low immunogenicity and low bioactivity, making it a promising application in the field of medicine, especially as a drug carrier, which can modify the drug release mode while ensuring safety, but its extremely poor in water and organic solvents However, its extremely poor solubility in water and organic solvents has limited its application scope. In recent years, reports on the modification of chitosan by physical and chemical methods have emerged, and many scholars have physically and chemically modified chitosan to give new properties and structures to chitosan materials, and the modified chitosan materials have been widely used in the fields of medicine, chemical industry and environmental protection, etc. This paper reviews the structure, properties and their applications of recent chitosan-modified polymers.


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28 July 2022

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