Workspace Analysis for Humanoid Wrist Mechanism


  • Liang Zhang
  • Shuzhen Li
  • Lei Shi
  • Guofang Li
  • Jingjing Yu
  • Yan Shi



Wrist joint, PARallel mechanism, Workspace, Performance analysis.


 Based on the analysis of human wrist, a humanoid wrist joint with 5R parallel mechanism as prototype is proposed. It is an orthogonal spherical two-degree-of-freedom parallel mechanism, which has the advantage of easy to process and manufacture. The inverse position solution of the mechanism is obtained by analytic method, and the velocity Jacobian matrix is established, and the working space of the mechanism is analyzed considering the working constraints of the mechanism. It provides a theoretical basis for its practicality.


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8 September 2022

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Zhang, L., Li, S., Shi, L., Li, G., Yu, J., & Shi, Y. (2022). Workspace Analysis for Humanoid Wrist Mechanism. Academic Journal of Science and Technology, 2(3), 94–97.