Analysis of General Exploration Status of Tidal Flats in Miaowan Town, Tongchuan City


  • Panpan Zhang
  • Liheng Xia



Cultivated land occupation and supplement balance, Yangling, Tidal flat, General exploration.


The balance between occupation and compensation of cultivated land in Shaanxi Province is becoming more and more severe, and it is an urgent need to carry out land consolidation projects in a timely manner to ensure the healthy development of the province's economy and society and improve the living standards of rural residents. The tidal flat land improvement project in Miaowan Town, Tongchuan City is a channel tidal flat land project. It has good water resources and relatively flat terrain, and is suitable for further development as cultivated land. We carry out general survey of soil layer thickness. The results show that the local land levelness is poor, the fields are uneven, there is a lack of unified planning, and the thickness of the soil layer is uneven, and relevant improvement measures are proposed.


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