Multifunctional New Green Roof Based on Sponge City Construction


  • Lijun Shen
  • Zicheng Bi
  • Kaining Liu
  • Hongquan Liu



Sponge city, New green roof, Model analysis.


The so-called sponge city is a new era of urban stormwater management concept, refers to the city can be like a sponge, in adapting to environmental changes and respond to natural disasters brought about by rainwater has good elasticity, can also be called "water elastic city". The international common term is "low impact development rainwater system construction", which absorbs, stores, infiltrates and purifies water when it rains, and releases and uses the stored water when needed to realize the free migration of rainwater in the city. In this paper, based on the new concept, we improve the comprehensive utilization of precipitation and improve the recovery of precipitation, so as to add water saving functions such as water storage, interception and purification, and social functions such as greening and production capacity to the traditional green roof, forming a new green roof with multi-functional functions, and proposing an immature solution to alleviate urban flooding in the rainy season.


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13 November 2022

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Shen, L., Bi, Z., Liu, K., & Liu, H. (2022). Multifunctional New Green Roof Based on Sponge City Construction. Academic Journal of Science and Technology, 3(3), 25–28.