Effect of Cooling Parameters on Cutting Vibration of Milling GH4169


  • Shenghong Wu
  • Li Yu
  • Chenlei Zhao




MQCL, Cutting vibration, Cooling parameters.


Nickel base superalloy is a typical difficult to machine material. With the development of social demand, more and more attention has been paid to the research of green manufacturing technology. Reducing the emission of cutting fluid is of great significance to achieve green manufacturing. Low temperature quantity cooling (MQCL) is a kind of green manufacturing technology. In this paper, the experiments of milling superalloy GH4169 under MQCL were carried out to study the influence of cooling parameters on cutting vibration and its mechanism.


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21 November 2022

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Wu, S., Yu, L., & Zhao, C. (2022). Effect of Cooling Parameters on Cutting Vibration of Milling GH4169. Academic Journal of Science and Technology, 3(3), 171–174. https://doi.org/10.54097/ajst.v3i3.2931