Research and Design of Wireless Attendance System


  • Fengxiang Wu
  • Changzhuo Min



Position positioning system, Wireless attendance, Android, Wireless networks.


In order to solve the problem that the teacher manually named attendance in class wasting students' time in class and students skipping classes, a wireless attendance system APP based on Android was designed and developed. Students use the mobile APP to locate the position to achieve attendance, so as to improve the efficiency and authenticity of college attendance.

This system uses Android and JSP dynamic web page development technology. The wireless attendance system APP mainly realizes the functions of two user roles of teacher and student. The wireless attendance system APP with registration, login, course selection, sign-in, and background summary functions is designed and implemented. In the design and development of the project, using the Java design language and MYSQL data, the system effect is stable.


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22 November 2022

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