Research on Bionic Design of Packaging Forms for Snacks in Fishing Villages


  • Peng Wang



Packaging, Fishing Village Food, Bionic Design, Xunpu Village Culture


This article aims to explore the bionic design of the packaging form of snacks in fishing village. Taking Quanzhou xunpu village as an example, through the in-depth understanding of the culture and natural environment of the fishing village, as well as the application of the principle of bionics, a snack package with bionic morphology is designed in line with the local characteristics of XunPu Village and the marine culture. The research combines the analysis of the morphological characteristics of marine organisms such as oysters, shells and fishes, and combines these characteristics with the traditional cultural background of the characteristic snacks of the fishing village to design a new type of packaging scheme that meets the requirements of aesthetics, functionality and sustainability. Through fieldwork research and internet data collection, and research and analysis were carried out. The final design solution is not only artistic and culturally expressive, but also considers the impact of packaging on the environment and enhances the market competitiveness of the product and consumer experience. Future research can further explore the application of bionic design in packaging and its potential in promoting sustainable development and cultural heritage.


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