Research on the Interface Design of Persimmon Dyeing Culture based on Situation Construction


  • Huiqian He
  • Guoyuan Ye
  • Lingjia Dong
  • Keyi Qu
  • Junlong Li
  • Zhixing Ouyang
  • Keyue Li



Persimmon Dyeing, Situation Construction, Interface Design, User-centered Design


China's persimmon dyeing culture has a profound heritage and is rich in national characteristics. However, with the departure of the production artists, the persimmon dyeing culture is facing the severe challenge of rapid extinction. In order to continue to promote Chinese persimmon dyeing culture and improve the public's awareness of persimmon dyeing, by analyzing the historical background, artistic value, and social significance of persimmon dyeing culture, and building a theory based on the situation, a small program of persimmon dyeing culture was constructed to spread Chinese persimmon dyeing, to enhancing user experience and cultural identity. The research adopted a multi-disciplinary research method, which was user-centered and combined with historical document research, sociology, art, and information technology to comprehensively analyze the persimmon dyeing process. User testing and feedback show that the small program is highly interactive, has high user participation and can provide users with an immersive experience. This research not only has important practical value for the inheritance of persimmon dyeing culture, but also provides new perspectives and methods for the digital dissemination of traditional culture.


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He, H., Ye, G., Dong, L., Qu, K., Li, J., Ouyang, Z., & Li, K. (2024). Research on the Interface Design of Persimmon Dyeing Culture based on Situation Construction. Highlights in Art and Design, 6(2), 26-30.