Research on Optimization and Innovation of Oil Drilling Technology based on Cost Control Perspective


  • Lijing Fan
  • Lincan Deng



Cost Control, Oil Drilling Technology, Technology Optimization, Technological Innovation, Intelligent Drilling, Environmentally Friendly Drilling


Based on the perspective of cost control, this paper conducts an in-depth study on the optimization and innovation of oil drilling technology. Against the backdrop of an increasingly severe global economic situation, the oil drilling industry faces unprecedented challenges in cost control. In order to effectively respond to these challenges, we focus on the optimization and innovation strategies of drilling technology. We conduct a detailed analysis of the current status of oil drilling technology and reveal the crux of the high cost consumption in the drilling process. On this basis, we propose a series of targeted optimization strategies. Specifically, we optimize the drilling process and refine the operation process to reduce unnecessary resource waste. At the same time, we actively introduce advanced equipment at home and abroad to improve the automation and intelligence level of drilling operations, thereby greatly improving drilling efficiency and effectively reducing unit drilling costs. This paper also deeply explores the innovation of intelligent and environmentally friendly drilling technologies. These new technologies not only reduce costs, but also realize the greening and sustainability of drilling operations. By combining specific cases, we elaborate on the outstanding performance of these new technologies in cost control. In general, the research results of this paper not only provide a useful reference for cost control in the oil drilling industry, but also point out the direction for the technological progress and sustainable development of the industry. We believe that these strategies and suggestions will have a profound impact on the future development of the oil drilling industry.


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