The Practice of Renovation, Protection and Utilization of Yongqingfang


  • Yujie Wang
  • Jiacheng Tan



Urban Renewal, Cultural Heritage, Preservation Historical, Revitalization Project


This article is devoted to study the revitalization project of the Enning Road historic district in Liwan District, Guangzhou. In the context of urban renewal, the protection and inheritance of cultural heritage has become an important issue. After nearly 10 years of practice and exploration, the Enning Road Historic Street Revitalization Project (Yongqingfang) in Liwan District, Guangzhou has finally achieved the protection and inheritance of Xiguan’s historical culture and has become a demonstration of urban renewal that integrates tradition and modernity. project. The significance of Yongqingfang is that it can serve as a model for the micro-renovation of old neighborhoods. Studying the Yongqingfang renovation project and summarizing the experience and enlightenment of the renovation project will have reference and reference significance for the protection and inheritance of cultural heritage in the process of urban renewal.


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