Stabilization and Service: The Evolutionary Logic of Grassroots Governance in Guilin (1930-1944)


  • Yuqi Chen
  • Shuyan Huang



Republican Period, Guilin, Grassroots Governance


The Republican period was a time of intense social changes and complex conflicts in modern China. The New Gui system ruled Guangxi for 24 years after the rise of the National Revolution in the 1920s, and its grassroots construction experience provided a reference basis for the national government's local governance policy. Taking the removal of Guilin as a county and the establishment of a city in 1940 as the dividing line, the period of grassroots governance exploration in Guilin can be divided into the county government period and the municipal period. The historical background, mission objectives, value orientation, policy requirements, institutional arrangements and governance performance of Guilin's grassroots governance in different periods are different. Taking history as a guide, reviewing the experience of Guilin's grassroots governance during the new Guilin rule period is still of great significance for the current sustained promotion of Guilin's urban development and construction.


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