Engels' Ecological Thought and its Contemporary Value Research


  • Fan Zhang




Engels, Ecological Thought, Contemporary Value


The ecological problem is a contemporary global problem, and it is also a practical problem faced by my country's modernization drive. Although in the 19th century when Engels lived, environmental problems had not yet emerged, and the ecological crisis had not yet fully erupted, but Engels was forward-looking and aware of the seriousness of the problem with his keen vision. Although Engels did not directly mention the word "ecology" in his writings, it does not mean that he did not elaborate on ecological thought. This article starts from the theoretical origin of Engels' view of nature, explores the formation of Engels' ecological thought, discusses its main content, namely the new development view of harmonious coexistence between man and nature and the social reconstruction of removing alienation, and finally puts forward the impact of Engels' ecological thought on the reference value of solving ecological problems.


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