The Research on Optimal Location of Distributed Generation Considering the Line Power Flow of A Grid


  • Zhihui Li
  • Xiaoshuo Jia



DG, The line power flow, The power grid.


As we all know, the access of distributed generations(DGs) will change the structure of the power grid. Different access locations have different impacts on the power grid. Therefore, the site selection of DGs is the top priority of current research. This paper is based on the theory of complex network, the second-order Kuramoto-like model is used to model the dynamic of a power grid, utilize the change of the line power flow after a distributed generation(DG) is connected to the power grid, and combine the relationship between the line capacity and the initial power in the cascading failure study of the power grid to determine the number of overload lines after the DG is connected to the grid. In principle, the grid-connected node with the least number of overload lines is regarded as a reasonable grid-connected location of the DG. After verification, the research method in this paper can be used as a reference for the site selection of the DG and has certain practical value.


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26 August 2022

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