Study on the Transport Mechanism of Soil Water Ions in Unsaturated Zone


  • Hongfei Gao
  • Hao Hong



Solute transport, Hydrus, Agricultural activity, Cl-.


 In order to understand the law of solute transport in the unsaturated zone, this paper selects a beach of the Yellow River in jiaozuo area as the study area, and uses Hydrus software to simulate some typical hydrochemical ions in the unsaturated zone. The Hydrus software is a numerical model developed by the National Saline soil Improvement Center in 1991 for simulating water, energy and solute transport in variably saturated porous media. Hydrus-1d is a one-dimensional version of the Hydrus software, which is commonly used to simulate water and solutes. The results show that Hydrus-1D can simulate the study area well with a high degree of fitting. Due to agricultural activities around the simulated area, the actual value of Cl- is higher than the simulated value.


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26 August 2022

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