Research on Gas Content Determination Method of Coal Mine Closed Core


  • Shiwei Wang
  • Wei Qiao



Gas content, Sealed core, Gas loss, Compensation model.


In order to improve the accuracy and expand the measuring range of coal seam gas content, Sihe Mine has introduced a long-distance sealed coring gas content measuring device, which can seal the hole after drilling coal samples, and the sampling depth can reach more than 300m, but no suitable gas content measuring method has been formed yet. Through theoretical analysis, coal sample high pressure adsorption and desorption experiment, gas content measurement and contrast engineering test, the gas content measurement process and loss compensation model of long-distance closed coring were studied, and the gas content measurement method of long-distance closed coring was formed. The gas content in coal seam measured by this method is about 4.71% higher than that measured by core tube on average, which improves the measurement accuracy of gas content in coal seam and is of great significance for promoting gas control in coal mine.


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26 August 2022

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