Shared Energy System Construction Scheme of PV Array and Energy Storage Technology


  • Menghan Lv



Photovoltaic, Energy Storage, New Energy.


My country's ecological and environmental problems are fundamentally the problems of high-carbon energy structure and high-energy-consuming, high-carbon industrial structure, which must must be solved from the source of energy structure and industrial structure transformation and upgrading. Energy consumption patterns for operation, production and living, build a high-level energy and resource-saving society, further strengthen the intensive and efficient use of fossil energy, improve the electrification level of the whole society, and build a cleaner and more efficient green and low-carbon energy production, supply and consumption system. On this basis, we propose a shared energy system construction plan of photovoltaic array and energy storage technology: taking electricity as the main energy, combining the park's photovoltaic energy storage system with shared energy storage to achieve source-grid-load-storage Coordinated and optimized to meet the user's own electricity demand and the rational use of energy.


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26 August 2022

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