Research on the Value Continuation and Characteristic Protection of Langzhong Ancient City from the Perspective of Resilience


  • Jiao Tian
  • Jianxiong Ji
  • Dong Yang



Resilience, Ancient city, Revival, Mechanism, Strategy.


The ancient city of Langzhong is one of the four famous old cities. The development of the ancient city is faced with the problem of ensuring unique and innovative development while maintaining its value. Based on the theory of resilient urban development life system it is starting from the current situation of the ancient city of Langzhong, such as the fading of cultural and tourism characteristic industries, the weakening of regional cultural heritage, the danger to the ecological environment and the fragmentation of traditional streets and lanes, a set of internal growth value dynamics and The dynamic mechanism of ancient town revival that externally affects thrust synthesis. Finally, a resilient development strategy for the revitalisation of Langzhong Ancient City is proposed from the five levels of economy, culture, space, ecology and system.


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1 September 2022

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Tian, J., Ji, J., & Yang, D. (2022). Research on the Value Continuation and Characteristic Protection of Langzhong Ancient City from the Perspective of Resilience. Academic Journal of Science and Technology, 2(3), 68–73.