Research on The Necessity of Building Intelligent Logistics Laboratory in Digital Times


  • Qian Zeng



Digital time, Big data, Intelligent logistics laboratory.


With the accelerated innovation of big data, internet of things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, block chain, etc., they increasingly integrated into all fields and the whole process of economic and social development. The digital economy has developed rapidly and has become a key force to reshape the global economic structure and change the global competition pattern. As the core factor to promote the development of digital economy, big data and modern information technology have attracted more and more attention by colleges and universities. As the basis for teaching activities, laboratory construction is indispensable. Taking Chongqing Technology and Business University as an example, this paper analyzes the necessity of building an intelligent logistics laboratory, constructs the content system of the laboratory and provides a reference for the construction of intelligent logistics laboratories in colleges and universities.


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5 September 2022

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