Research on Performance of Vertical FRP Concrete Members


  • Xian Xu
  • Yudong Han
  • Kaiyu Zhang
  • Delong Chen
  • Haiping Wu
  • Jincheng Wang



FRP, Mechanical property, Future development trend.


In this paper, the theoretical research on the mechanical properties of FRP concrete vertical stressed members is described. The research progress on the mechanical properties of FRP concrete columns is summarized from three aspects: types of fiber-reinforced composites, applications in civil engineering and development prospects. Finally, the advantages of mechanical properties of FRP concrete column are studied by comparing with concrete filled steel tube column, and the further research direction of FRP concrete column is supplemented.


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8 September 2022

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Xu, X., Han, Y., Zhang, K., Chen, D., Wu, H., & Wang, J. (2022). Research on Performance of Vertical FRP Concrete Members. Academic Journal of Science and Technology, 2(3), 98–99.