CITIC Guoan Financial Fraud Case Analysis

Reflections on Business Ethics and Accounting Professional Ethics


  • Rui Deng
  • Liang Mao



Business ethics, Accounting professional ethics, Financial fraud


With the diversified development of contemporary China ' s economy, the rapid growth of high-quality economy, but fraud occurs frequently, emerge in endlessly. This paper introduces the theoretical knowledge, reviews the case of CITIC Guoan, and expounds the background and fraud situation of the company. Then through the analysis of CITIC Guoan ' s financial fraud cases of A-share listed companies for seven consecutive years, this paper comprehensively summarizes the means of fraud from six aspects, triggering the thinking of business ethics and accounting professional ethics. Finally, from the staff, management and external supervision and management of listed companies to prevent financial fraud recommendations.


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China Securities Regulatory Commission Administrative Penalty Decision ( CITIC Guoan Information Industry Co., Ltd., Sun Yalei, etc. ) No.36.

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30 December 2021

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