Comparing the Sustainability of Multimodal Transportation Between China and Europe


  • Jiahui Xie



CER express, The China-Europe Land Sea Express Line (CELSEL), CO2 emission, Sustainability of multimodal transportation.


The China-Europe trade trend and sustainability issues are rising the global attention. This paper will explore six alternative routes for sending goods from Shenzhen, China to Budapest, Hungary; analyze the current and future sustainability issues of these routes under the Paris Agreement.  The core of this paper is the calculation of carbon dioxide emissions of each route, summarized the policies of countries along the routes and predicts the future carbon dioxide emissions of the routes. based on these policies, the modeling in this paper improved the original method in the 2016 IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories to do calculations. This paper produced three conclusions. Firstly, CER express can definitely reduce the CO2 emissions of the China Europe international transport. Secondly, if the current policies of countries along the route are implemented smoothly in the future, the carbon dioxide emission reduction of transport between China and Europe has been calculated. Thirdly, calculation based on current proportion of each route, forecast the future China- Europe shipments could be at least doubled under the Paris agreement.


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