Design and Implementation of Traceability System Based on Blockchain


  • Xinlong Dai
  • Qin Li
  • Xuzheng Li
  • Zhengmao Yan
  • Xiaobo Jiang



Blockchain, Agricultural products traceability, Poverty alleviation and agriculture.


The fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee included poverty alleviation and rural revitalization as the main goals of economic and social development during the 14th Five-Year Plan period. Moreover, it has created a new situation of digital sales of poverty alleviation and helps agricultural products such as "agriculture + e-commerce" and "agriculture + live streaming", and the traceability of agricultural products has attracted much attention. Com14bining the current social environment background and the investigation and understanding of the existing agricultural product sales mode of poverty alleviation, we found that the existing sales model chain and the traditional traceability system model have many shortcomings, such as unclear information sources and easy tampering. Based on this design, the idea of constructing a traceability system based on blockchain is proposed, and the required technical and economic feasibility is analyzed to confirm the realization of the idea. It is intended to meet the needs of agricultural product information management, poverty alleviation farmer information management, product traceability, etc. And through the web page and mobile terminal information interaction, the realization of agricultural products at any time, mobile, portable query. The final system test can ensure the normal operation of functions and the security, credibility, and transparency of information, provide new ideas and solutions for the field of targeted poverty alleviation, and help rural revitalization.


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