Development and Influencing Factors of Rural Inclusive Finance


  • Zhanhao Zheng



Inclusive finance, Traffic level, Urbanization level panel, Regression.


This paper studies the existing achievements at home and abroad from many aspects. Through the data provided by the inclusive financial report of Peking University, this paper analyzes the current situation of inclusive finance in five counties in Wenzhou mountainous area, and analyzes the development trend of inclusive finance in five counties in Wenzhou mountainous area in the past 8 years from three aspects: coverage, depth of use and degree of digitization. In terms of the analysis of the influencing factors of inclusive finance, five dimensions of residents ' economic level, communication level, traffic level, financial support level and urbanization level are selected as the main influencing factors, and a panel regression model is established to further analyze the influence effect of each factor. Finally, put forward reasonable suggestions for the problems found.


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