Research on the Inner Mechanism and Practical Path of Digital Technology Empowering Rural Cultural Construction under Rural Revitalization


  • Xiang Wang
  • Jiaxin Chen
  • Xinyu Kan
  • Yiming Lei



Digital technology, Cultural construction, Rural revitalization.


Rural cultural revitalization is an important part of rural revitalization, and rural cultural construction is an important task for China to continuously promote the construction of socialist spiritual civilization and achieve the goal of the second century. Digital-enabled rural culture construction is a new trend of cultural development in recent years, which provides many advantages for the inheritance and development of excellent rural traditional culture, the innovation and development of digital culture industry and the promotion of rural social civilization, and has important practical significance for promoting rural revitalization. Aiming at the problems of imperfect digital infrastructure, insufficient rural digital literacy, and cultural content failing to meet the needs of the masses and social development, the research group put forward some measures to solve these problems, such as strengthening the construction of rural digital infrastructure, improving the talent support system of rural cultural construction empowered by digital technology, and optimizing the content and communication space of rural cultural products.


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Wang, X., Chen, J., Kan, X., & Lei, Y. (2022). Research on the Inner Mechanism and Practical Path of Digital Technology Empowering Rural Cultural Construction under Rural Revitalization. Frontiers in Business, Economics and Management, 7(1), 134–137.