Research on the Difference of the Total Factor Productivity of Wholesale and Retail Industry in Anhui Province Based on DEA-Malmquist Model


  • Jingyi Lu



wholesale, Retail, Total factor productivity, Time series, Individual differences.


Based on DEA-Malmquist Index model, this paper takes the wholesale and retail industries over quota in Anhui province as the research object, the Total factor productivity of wholesale and retail industries in Anhui Province from 2011 to 2020 were measured and compared. The results showed that among the 18 sub-industries of wholesale and retail industries, the Total factor productivity Total factor productivity of 13 industries showed an increasing trend while that of 5 industries showed a decreasing trend. And the difference between the change index of technical efficiency and the Change Index of technical progress is the main reason for the increase and decrease of Total factor productivity. There are four main reasons for the rise in Total factor productivity and two main reasons for the fall in Total factor productivity. Based on this, it is proposed to perfect the market development mechanism of wholesale and retail trade, pay attention to the brand construction of wholesale and retail enterprises, and promote the common development of network retail and physical retail, the four measures to improve the quality of workers in the wholesale and retail sectors are aimed at making up for deficiencies in this area.


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