Research on the Strategic Position of the 'Belt and Road Initiative' in China's New Economic Landscape


  • Jingyi Yang



Strategic Position, Belt and Road Initiative, Economic Landscape, Future Rise and Decline.


 Since the 21st century, the process of globalization has been deepening, and the pace of global economic integration is rapidly advancing. The vast majority of countries in the world are paying increasing attention to exchanges and cooperation with other countries and regions. It can be said that in the current world pattern, isolationism is equivalent to self-destruction. China is a pioneer in the process of globalization, fully supporting and promoting global integration. In recent years, China's cooperation and exchanges with other countries and regions have increased, and the previous cooperation modes can no longer meet the current economic needs. Therefore, a new cooperation mode becomes extremely important. The "Belt and Road Initiative" is a strategy proposed in this context. The "Belt and Road Initiative" is a significant strategy in China's critical period of transitioning to a higher-level model. This strategy will not only have a significant impact on China's economy moving towards a new normal but will also greatly strengthen and reshape China's position in the world economic pattern. This paper mainly analyzes the strategic position of the "Belt and Road Initiative" in China's new economic landscape, as well as its economic impact on China and the existing issues.


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