The Response Analysis of Life Insurance Companies in Low Interest Rate Environment

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  • Yuan Yuan



Low interest rate, Life insurance company, Insurance market.


As China's economic development situation changes from a high-speed growth period to a stable growth period, and based on promoting high-quality economic development, realizing industrial development and reform, and stimulating internal and external development vitality, China's interest rate is entering a downward stage and will continue for a long period of time. At the same time, affected by the global spread of the new coronavirus epidemic, domestic life insurance companies still face many difficulties in completing industrial transformation and industrial upgrading, and achieving sustainable development in the new environment and new era. On the one hand, life insurance companies in the low interest rate environment, how to effectively follow the three principles of investment in insurance funds, while achieving social and economic benefits. On the other hand, how to overcome the current difficulties faced by life insurance companies and continue to promote the innovation and upgrading of operating methods. We make four key statements on the coping strategies of life insurance companies in the continuous low interest rate environment :(1) The rate design of life insurance products is more in line with the potential expected interest rate changes and grasps the overall development direction of the country. (2) Build new channels of investment and financial management, strengthen the use of funds. (3) Starting from the marketing mode of the new life insurance business accelerated by the epidemic situation, life insurance companies focus on building a complete online insurance sales platform based on science and technology innovation and relying on the Internet. (4) Accelerate the construction of talent training and build a reasonable talent grow system.


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