Performance comparison of mainstream catalysts in the CO2 hydrogenation of CH3OH


  • Heyu Chen
  • Wanni Lyu
  • Lingyi Zhang



Catalyst for CO2 utilization, Copper-based catalyst, In2O3-based catalyst, Transitional metal carbides.


Carbon dioxide capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) has been a hot topic in recent years and among the products derived from carbon dioxide conversion, methanol is favoured by many scientists for its wide range of applications. Scientists are also looking for different types of catalysts to complete this conversion process more efficiently. This paper compares the selectivity, yield and stability of oxide supported metal catalysts, oxide supported oxide catalysts and other typical catalysts to identify the most favourable catalysts that could be used for industrial production in the future. Through this comparison, In-Co/Ce catalysts are one of the most beneficial options.


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Chen, H., Lyu, W., & Zhang, L. (2022). Performance comparison of mainstream catalysts in the CO2 hydrogenation of CH3OH. Highlights in Science, Engineering and Technology, 6, 192–201.