Progress in Experimental Research on Mechanical Behavior of Composite Solid Propellants


  • Tiezhu Chen
  • Xueren Wang
  • Guanyu Chen
  • Jiaxiang Wang
  • Shiqi Li
  • Tingjing Geng



Solid propellant, Macro and micro scale, Mechanical tests, Observation methods, Multi axis loading.


Composite solid propellant is a particle reinforced composite material, and its microstructure strongly affects its macroscopic mechanical properties. This article reviews the current research status of macroscopic mechanical experiments and microscopic experiments. In terms of macroscopic mechanical performance testing, based on the description of the number of loading axes used to load the specimen, the development of related experimental research on uniaxial loading is relatively mature, while research on multi-axial loading is still lacking, and a unified standard has not yet been formed. In terms of microscopic experiments, although there are currently many observation methods, each has its own advantages and disadvantages; In experimental studies on the microstructure observation of solid propellants under loading conditions, most of them are based on uniaxial loading devices combined with optical microscopes, scanning electron microscopes, or micro CT devices to conduct research on the microstructure damage process of solid propellants under uniaxial loading. However, the research on the microstructure damage evolution process of solid propellants under multi-axial loading is currently in a research gap at home and abroad. Finally, this article summarizes and comments on the current research status, Proposed the shortcomings of current research and the key areas that need to be studied.


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