Strategy for Enhancing Core Competitiveness of Innovative Enterprises in the “Internet+”Era


  • Zhangyi Wang



Internet , Innovative enterprises, Core competitiveness, Factor analysis method.


For innovative enterprises, the advent of the ‘Internet+’era means they need to utilize advanced information technology to adjust their management and operational models and core technologies, thus enhancing their core competitiveness. This paper focuses on innovative enterprises in the ‘Internet+’ era. Firstly, it reviews relevant theories on core competitiveness of innovative enterprises. Secondly, it explores the current development status of innovative enterprises in the ‘Internet+’ era and conducts a SWOT analysis. Thirdly, it empirically analyzes the core competitiveness of typical enterprises using factor analysis, and subsequently ranks their core competitiveness. Finally, it proposes strategies for enhancing core competitiveness in the ‘Internet+’ era from three perspectives: profitability, scale and research capability, and macro-market environment, providing decision-making reference for deep cooperation among enterprises and the enhancement of core competitiveness for innovative enterprises.


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