Study on the Relationship between F10.7 Index and Background X-ray Flux at Different Time Points


  • Yaoqi Lei



F10.7 index, X-ray flux, Short-term influence, Positive correlation, Physical background parameters of the sun.


In this paper, the relationship between the F10.7 index and background X-ray flux at different time points is analyzed, and the influence of X-ray flux on the short-term F10.7 index is studied. We used the F10.7 data published by Canada and the X-ray data of Goes satellite and Langfang to calculate the changing trend of the two solar rotation cycles within 27 days and investigated the correlation within 6 and 24 hours, respectively. The results show that the F10.7 index and X-ray flux show a strong positive correlation within 6 hours and a weak positive correlation within 24 hours. This indicates that the X-ray flux significantly affects the short-term F10.7 index but relatively little on the long-term F10.7 index. This paper provides a reference for further study of the physical background parameters of the sun of F10.7 index changes.


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