Analysis of Land Degradation and Its Impact on China's Food Security


  • Haiou Zhang
  • Tingting Cao
  • Xiandong Hou



Land degradation, Problem analysis, Meaning, Current situation, Food security.


Land degradation is an important problem facing the world. China's attention and scientific research on land degradation started relatively late, and it is still in the process of understanding and deepening in many aspects. Important scientific issues such as the concept of land degradation, the causes and classification of degradation, the monitoring indicators and means of degradation, the evaluation system and the early warning mechanism are still in the early stage of discussion, and the academic circles at home and abroad are still in the stage of controversial exploration in many aspects, and no general consensus has been formed so far. Therefore, through the research and analysis of domestic and foreign literature, this paper summarized the meaning of land degradation, analyzed the current situation of land degradation research and the impact of land degradation on China's food security, in order to provide scientific basis for land degradation prevention and management, and provide decision-making basis for improving the quantity and quality of arable land in China and ensuring food security.


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