Research on Dynamic Monitoring Technology for Dengsi Gas Reservoir in Gaoshiti Moxi Block


  • Huohai Yang
  • Qingrong Liao



Moxi Platform Edge Zone, Deng4 Formation Gas Reservoir, Dynamic monitoring system, Water intrusion, Key technology.


The fourth group gas reservoir in the Moxi platform edge zone of Anyue Gas Field is a super large carbonate gas reservoir with edge and bottom water in China. There is no mature development experience in this type of gas reservoir in China, and there is a lack of a systematic dynamic monitoring system. This article focuses on the challenges and key technical issues faced by gas reservoir dynamic monitoring work. Through active exploration, continuous improvement, and innovation of dynamic monitoring technology and analysis methods, a dynamic monitoring system suitable for the four groups of gas reservoirs with lights at the edge of the Moxi platform has been constructed. Five key dynamic monitoring technologies, including pressure and temperature dynamic monitoring technology, production capacity monitoring and evaluation technology, fluid property monitoring technology, water invasion monitoring and identification technology, and well connectivity monitoring and evaluation technology, have been developed for the four gas reservoirs in the Moxi platform edge zone. Scientific and reasonable development measures have been formulated to support the preparation of the overall water control plan for the gas reservoir, It has played a role in ensuring the scientific and efficient development of large-scale edge and bottom water carbonate gas reservoirs.


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