Research on the Characteristics of Typical Chaotic Circuits


  • Yong Deng
  • Bowen Li



Chaos, Chua's circuit, Simulation, Matlab, Characteristics.


Chaotic circuit, also called nonlinear circuit. Up to now, there is no unified definition in academic circles. The most typical chaotic circuit is the Chua's circuit invented by the Chinese scientist Cai Shaotang. In order to study the chaos characteristics of Chua's circuit, this paper studies the hardware design and software simulation of Chua's circuit. In terms of hardware, in order to verify the feasibility of the components selected in this paper, the simulation is carried out on the basis of Multisim software. In the aspect of software, based on the best display effect of the result graph, this paper chooses Simulink in MATLAB software to simulate the model. Under the software simulation, the chaos phenomenon is observed. Through the modification of various parameters, the chaos imagination corresponding to the theory is obtained. Finally, the research results are analyzed and the conclusion is obtained.


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