Research on Precision Machining Technology of Thin-walled Parts


  • Shixun Yu
  • Jinqiang Wang
  • Mengyang Liu



Thin-wall parts, Precision machining, High precision, Manufacturing process, Deformation prediction.


Precision machining of thin-walled parts has always been a problem worth exploring in machining industry. Thin-wall parts are parts with relatively thin wall thickness, which are usually used in high-precision mechanical devices, aerospace equipment, automotive parts and other fields. Thin-wall parts are difficult to process and require high manufacturing technology. There are many difficulties and challenges in processing and manufacturing. Moreover, the deformation prediction technology is very important in the processing or clamping process of thin-wall parts, which can help manufacturers predict and optimize the design and processing technology of parts, so as to improve the accuracy and quality of parts and reduce the production cost.


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