Application Research of CFG Piles in the Treatment of Soft Soil Foundations for High-Speed Railways


  • Lijie Ma
  • Ying Kong



Soft soil foundation, CFG pile, Foundation treatment.


In the construction of high-speed railways in our country, various complex terrains and geologies are often encountered. Therefore, the treatment of special subgrades, especially the reinforcement of soft soil subgrades, becomes extremely important. Currently, there are many methods for reinforcing weak and soft soil foundations, and during construction, appropriate and economical treatment methods should be selected based on the actual site conditions. This article intends to use the reinforcement treatment of the subgrade in the section from DK30+000 to +347.62 of the Ningbo-Hangzhou Passenger Dedicated Line as a basis to discuss the reinforcement of soft soil foundations and the application of CFG piles in soft soil foundations.


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Ma, L., & Kong, Y. (2023). Application Research of CFG Piles in the Treatment of Soft Soil Foundations for High-Speed Railways. Academic Journal of Science and Technology, 7(1), 194–199.