CO2 Capture from Biomass Gasification Current Technologies, Challenges and Future Prospects


  • Zhishang Wu
  • Xuhua Liang
  • Duoyi Liang
  • Zuoji Huang



Biomass Gasification, CO2 Capture, Renewable Energy, Energy Consumption, Capture Technologies.


Biomass, encompassing agricultural and forestry residues, urban waste, and more, presents a renewable and abundant energy source with low pollution and zero CO2 emissions. This paper delves into the potential of biomass gasification for CO2 capture, emphasizing its versatility, scalability, and adaptability, especially in the context of China's dispersed biomass resource characteristics. The study also highlights the significance of drying and heating equipment in agricultural processing and the challenges posed by traditional heating methods. With China's abundant biomass energy resources, the rational utilization of biomass fuels promotes sustainable ecological development and energy structural transformation. The paper further explores various CO2 capture technologies, including pre-combustion, oxygen-enhanced combustion, and industrial separation, and discusses the challenges associated with investment, energy consumption, and capture costs. The research underscores the need for continuous innovation and development to reduce costs and enhance the efficiency of CO2 capture technologies.


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