Visualization Analysis of Research Status and Hotspots of Christmas trees Based on CiteSpace


  • Mao Ni
  • Mingjiang Shi



Christmas tree, Visualization Analysis, CiteSpace.


This paper aims to discuss the research frontiers and research hotspots of Christmas trees, compare and summarize the current research status of Christmas trees, with a view to providing references for the establishment of universally applicable Christmas trees and related scientific research. This paper is based on the Web of Science (WOS) and China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) databases with "Christmas trees" is selected for the subject term to perform visual analysis and comparison of 722 WOS documents and 2267 CNKI documents after deduplication by year, country/region, institution, journal, author, hotspots, keywords, keyword cluster, etc. Analyze, obtain the visual analysis results of subsea Christmas trees as a research hotspot.


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1 September 2022

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