Construction Technology of Concrete Structure in Civil Engineering Building


  • Anqi Pan



Civil Engineering, Architecture, Concrete, Structural construction technology.


In civil engineering, concrete plays a vital role, but for the construction technology of concrete, it is necessary to have a perfect management and supervision system to ensure the quality and ensure the smooth progress of the project, so as to improve the implementation process of construction projects. At present, most of the construction projects in China are large-scale composite buildings using concrete materials. Therefore, the implementation of concrete structures and the quality of construction technology are directly related to the quality of the whole project. It can be seen that concrete engineering plays a vital role in the whole construction project. However, as far as the current building projects are concerned, there are still many problems in the construction of concrete projects. Cracks also occur in the high-rise buildings. Cracks also exist in the bottom of high-rise buildings and the bottom of some bridges, which makes the buildings have potential safety hazards. This has to worry people.


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12 September 2022

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