Exploring the Role of Translation Studies in the Promotion of Chinese Culture Abroad: An Interdisciplinary Perspective


  • Tao Yang




External Discourse, Intercultural Communication, National Translation Studies, Translation and Communication Studies.


Since the reform and opening up, China’s comprehensive national strength and international status have been continuously enhanced. Compared with its economic achievements, however, China has a disproportionate discourse power in international communities. Consequently, it becomes a top priority for the country to further strengthen its international communication and elaborately construct an external discourse system to meet the national strategy of telling China’s stories well and making China's voice heard. As an important medium of communication, translation studies should be integrated with intercultural communication studies in response to the urgent issue: How to effectively translate China and enhance its external discourse power in the world. From an interdisciplinary perspective, this article proposed that the boundaries of translation studies should be expanded to integrate correlated research domains including external discourse studies, intercultural communication studies, and national translation studies for the sake of exploring effective paths for the promotion of Chinese culture abroad.


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8 November 2021

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