Research on Countermeasures for High-quality Development of Beef Cattle Industry in Jiaxian County, Henan Province


  • Chaofan Lei
  • Brian Sheng -Xian Teo
  • Jinzhou Li



County industry, Beef cattle industry, High-quality development, Countermeasures and suggestions.


The development of the beef cattle business in Jiaxian County, Henan Province is currently facing issues such as a lack of funding, a lack of technology, a lack of brands, and a low relative efficiency of the industry, according to this study, which provides a detailed introduction to the situation. This has significantly impeded the county-level beef cattle industry's breakthrough development in Henan Province. It is proposed that measures such as increasing government funding for key links, innovating financial and insurance measures, improving technical service system construction, vigorously supporting animal husbandry technology innovation, incubating and cultivating local well-known brands, creating and improving the entire industrial chain and innovative interest linkage mechanism, and so on be implemented. To serve as a model for accelerating the breakthrough development of the beef cattle industry in Jia County, Henan Province.


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Lei, C., -Xian Teo, B. S., & Li, J. (2022). Research on Countermeasures for High-quality Development of Beef Cattle Industry in Jiaxian County, Henan Province. Frontiers in Business, Economics and Management, 7(1), 138–141.