Adaptability of Chinese Translation of Luxury Advertisements from the Perspective of Cross-Cultural Communication


  • Xiangyin Yuan



Cross-cultural communication, Luxury advertisement, Adaptation Theory; translation.


The world today has entered an era of globalization, and has achieved global connectivity in cultural, economic, technological and informative. With the rapid development of global trade, cross-cultural communication has become an irreversible trend in today's world. In such background, the translation of transnational advertising is not only crucial to the future development of enterprises, but also related to the effectiveness of cultural communication. In cross-cultural context, this article explores some luxury advertising translation from cases of success and failure from the perspective of application of “Adaptation Theory” in translation, and points out that the translator should make full use of the “Adaptation Theory” when translating advertisements. Luxury advertisement translation as a kind of cross-cultural communication activities, involves many factors such as regional culture, consumption psychology, aesthetic ideas, value orientation. Therefore, translators should take these factors into full consideration when translating, so as to make the translated text conform to consumers' psychology as far as possible, and achieve dynamic adaptation of cultural information . At the same time, it puts forward strategies for Chinese local products to help them "go out".


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