A Literature Review of Studies on Financial Exclusion in Rural China


  • Zixuan Xia
  • Weixin Xie
  • Haobin Chen
  • Jiao Wang




Financial exclusion, Literature review, Suggestion.


Financial exclusion is regarded as one of the hotspots and difficulties in recent years, of which the aggravation will aggravate the gap between urban and rural areas, hinder the promotion of inclusive finance, increase the resistance to the implementation of rural revitalization strategy, and even affect the development of agricultural economy in China. Since 2019, in the face of complicated international situation and continuous domestic epidemic situation, it has played an important role in providing basis and reference for China to promote inclusive finance and rural revitalization strategy through carrying out in-depth research on financial exclusion and improving the research system of financial exclusion under the new economic situation. Therefore, this paper combs the relevant literature from the regional level, county and township level and farmers level, summarizes the common contents of policy recommendations and puts forward new research direction suggestions.


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Xia, Z., Xie, W., Chen, H., & Wang, J. (2023). A Literature Review of Studies on Financial Exclusion in Rural China. Frontiers in Business, Economics and Management, 9(1), 31–34. https://doi.org/10.54097/fbem.v9i1.8282